Five Reasons for Animation

1. Showing what can’t be seen.

Explaining a software, organizational solutions, or microbes with the use of a camera is not easy. This is where animation can really shine! Today, most workplaces look the same – people seated in front of computer screens. Most of the time you can’t really see all the interesting things going on beneath the surface! But they can efficiently be revealed with an animated visualization.

2. Metaphors.

Sometimes complex facts need to be explained to an audience with little previous knowledge of the subject. To make things clear you can borrow concepts that the viewer already understands, and in the world of animation you can bend both logic and natural laws just to get your message through. A particular problem or obstacle may be symbolized by a mountain dropping from the sky, and in animation we can then allow the characters in the video to move that mountain without the viewers perceiving this as something unreal or strange.

Five Reasons for Animation-Yellow Kid

3. Humour.

Being funny is something the viewer expects from and animated video – so use that! And surely you wouldn’t mind a smile on your viewer’s face after having received your message.

4. Visual recycling.

The work involved in developing a visual style can successfully be reused in other communication materials. Almost always a video will already have been adapted to fit the client company’s visual guidelines.

Five Reasons for Animation-Yellow Kid

5. Long life.

If company name, logo or offers change, an animated video is fairly easy to update. Its controlled environment is resistant to team members leaving, seasons changing, or a radical new haircut of a key actor. An animation price tag can therefore be seen as an investment lasting for many years.