Case – Flextrus/Mediaköket

Flextrus Mediaköket

The Challenge:

Powerpoint still dominates the conference rooms of the traditional industries. Maud Rahm is one of those who have grown tired of these. She’s the CEO of the packaging company Flextrus, who acquired the digital printing specialists Mediaköket in 2016.

“I’m incredibly tired of PPT presentations and would like to get something exciting, animated – with a little attitude.”

With the acquisition of Mediaköket, Flextrus aims to respond to the increasing market pressure for greater flexibility regarding material choices, packaging volumes and printing techniques.

The requirements originate from changing consumer behaviours. Signs indicate that many consumers no longer want to plan their shopping around visits to the supermarket. As soon as a consumer demand for a product has been identified, the item in question should instead be made clearly available and visible at that very time and place.

The Solution:

From a script point of view we had to first and foremost identify the core of the story, which simply put is that Mediaköket can make it easier for the client and the product to find each other.

The client gave us free reins to come up with a proposal that was both informative and entertaining. The product, ”Your Product”, was turned into a character, and two skateboarders would represent the client. The colours used in the video were based on Mediaköket’s visual guidelines.

Case-Flextrus-Mediaköket-Yellow Kid

Case-Flextrus-Mediaköket-Yellow Kid

Case-Flextrus-Mediaköket-Yellow Kid

Case-Flextrus-Mediaköket-Yellow Kid

In order to have the video ready for an international packaging fair, it was produced at record speed – four weeks, as opposed to the normal eight. We were encouraged to really work freely and widely to produce a video that would really stand out.