Competing for the audience’s attention has never been tougher.

We sell explanations. We identify the core of your message, and present it as an entertaining, educational video that anyone can understand – and that stands out from the media noise! No film will ever be better than its script, so that’s where we place our heaviest focus. The very best result is achieved when text, imagery and sound interact and reinforce each other.

We often go to animation in our productions, but not always. The form is subordinate to the purpose – of making sure the viewer ”gets it”. Explainer videos is perhaps the most common term used for this genre, which is a little problematic with a lot of junk being produced out there. We prefer to talk about Premium Explainers or educational animations.

Since we love what we do, the cases below are not merely the practical results of our work process – they’re also true manifestations of the passion we put into every second of our videos.


Animation – Five Reasons

How we do it? Have a look at our cases.

Happy Clients

“We chose Yellow Kid because their way of explaining complicated things works. It was obvious the first time we watched some of their videos. We found Yellow Kid to be extremely customer oriented, very professional and creative. The movie has proven to be a super effective way to communicate a complex strategy to a global audience.”

Alfa-Laval-logo-Yellow Kid

– Per Sandberg, Business owner Alfa Laval Product Configuration

“Yellow Kid does a great, professional job, and with special attention to our needs. It’s the combination of attention and professionalism that distinguishes them. They’re also real pleasant to work with. I warmly recommend them.”

Lunds-kommun-logo-Yellow Kid

– Eva Johannesson, Head of Communiactions

“Their ability to come up with creative solutions makes working with Yellow Kid a real pleasure. Their work is professional and thorough, and our invitation to really think outside the box resulted in four videos that widely exceeded our expectations.”

Yellow Kid - Happy clients - Kristianstad Waste Management

– Mathilda Gylling, Communicator