Case – Kristianstad Waste Management

Renhållningen Kristianstad

The Challenge:

Kristianstad Waste Management (Company) has the ambition to become best in Sweden at everything dealing with waste management and recycling by the year 2020. Our assignment was to produce a series of animated information videos that in an easily accessible way would explain different aspects of the process of making Kristianstad a greener place to live. The target audience is made up of everyone living in Kristianstad, but with a particular focus on school pupils.

The Solution:

The project kicked off with a workshop with the management of Kristianstad Waste Management, resulting in the insight that the following videos would be needed:

  1. Best in Sweden by 2020. Video explaining Kristianstad’s ambition of becoming best in Sweden at sanitation and recycling.
  2. How to reduce your waste. Explaining the fundamentals of different types of recycling.
  3. The recycling centre – safeguarding ecology. Explaining how different types of waste are safely taken care of and returned to the ecocycle.
  4. Finish your food – for environment’s sake. The purpose of the video is to give the viewer insights into why it is important to not throw away food, and to make sure food waste ends up in the right place.

The visual style is simple and down to earth. We put a lot of work into giving the videos a strong feel of Kristianstad. The Kristianstad ”skyline” can be seen in the video, and we also make a reference to the city’s successful handball team. The voice over was provided by young YouTuber Felix Nordh of northern Skåne.

Kristianstad-Waste-Management-Yellow Kid Kristianstad-Waste-Management-Yellow Kid Kristianstad-Waste-Management-Yellow Kid Kristianstad-Waste-Management-Yellow Kid

A longer, edited together version of the videos is used as educational material in schools and during study visits. Three of the videos have also been shown as 30-second infomercials in Kristianstad cinemas throughout the spring of 2017. The videos were also nominated for the 2017 Swedish Design Award.

Illustrations by Yellow Kid – Kristianstad Waste ManagementThe visual elements have been put to wider use as communicational material for Kristianstad Waste Management. Among other places, they have been used on the garbage trucks to inform about the four-compartment recycling system which is being introduced.
”Their ability to come up with creative solutions makes working with Yellow Kid a real pleasure. Their work is professional and thorough, and our invitation to really think outside the box resulted in four videos that widely exceeded our expectations.”

– Mathilda Gylling, Communicator, Kristianstad Waste Management.