Our Story

It all started around 2007. YouTube was only a couple of years old and I happened to stumble across In Plain English – a series of strikingly simple, but educationally brilliant animations explaining tricky matters in an understandable way. I was somewhat overwhelmed by the power of the expression I had just discovered in these videos.

Since then, these online educational animations have grown into its own powerful genre, but it’s still missing a proper collective name. Explainer video or infographics are two more common terms. One of our clients used the expression ”stick man films” – a name as good as any.

I produced my first educational animation in 2012, and a couple of years later I started Yellow Kid. We still place the heaviest focus on scriptwriting and content. The form is subordinate to the purpose, of making sure the viewer ”gets it” – preferably as fast as possible.

LU Innovation System 2012 – our first video
LU Innovation System 2012 – our first video

My own background is as a journalist at SVT, the Swedish national public TV – as a reporter, editor and producer. My work has always revolved around producing content that the audience will find meaningful to watch – and this remains my focus to this day. There are more similarities than you might imagine between an educational animation and, for example, a news report. A complex reality demands a presentation that allows the viewer to understand what’s actually going on – and you’re only granted a couple of minutes to pull this off.

To mention a few, we have explained for…

– the Musikhjälpen audience, about the global status of HIV,

– the inhabitants of Lund, how the construction of the new tramline will be organized and carried out,

– the inhabitants of Kristianstad, how they can improve their everyday waste recycling, and

– school pupils in developing countries, about the use of the Internet.

The best result is achieved when text, imagery and sound interact and reinforce each other, but no film will ever be better than its script – no matter the number of effects or the complexity of the animation. When a video is simple and self-explanatory, and you want to watch it until the end – then you really know it’s a good one.

You can clearly tell when the team behind an animation doesn’t enjoy their work. It falls flat, is lifeless and uninspiring to watch. We want to build an extra dimension into our films, a kind of parallel level of creativity. Something that in a positive way falls outside of the initial list of requirements, something that puts a smile on the viewer’s face and creates an eagerness to find out what happens next.

Do you by any chance wonder where our name comes from? It’s been borrowed from The Yellow Kid which is often considered the world’s first comic strip. It was created by Richard F. Outcault and published in two different newspapers in New York in the 1890’s.

The Yellow Kid – the original
The Yellow Kid – the original

I’m happy you’ve born with me this far! Please have a browse around our website, watch a few of our videos and delve into our previous work processes. And just let us know if you want to learn more.

– Joakim Lindhé, Producer


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